A collaborative venture between Norma Conseil HR and Vitae Conseil, the Recruitment division has positioned itself as France’s leading recruitment outsourcing agency. Over 80 major French and international employers have already recognised its expertise in HR Consultancy.
With its people-focussed approach, the Group puts candidates at the heart of its business and guarantees speed and efficiency in fulfilling its briefs.

Agence Vitae conseil AGENCE VITAE CONSEIL
Vitae Conseil, created in 2002 and specialising in multi-level recruitment, is France’s leading recruitment outsourcer. Outstanding in the field of outsourcing recruitment in France, and with more than 4000 permanent posts filled in 2009, Vitae Conseil is your true partner for success.
Thanks to its annual contracts with the largest French and international recruiters, Vitae Conseil can respond directly to your recruitment requirements in all fields and at all qualification levels throughout the country, whatever the scale of your needs.
As of 1994, Norma Conseil HR has been the specialist in Recruitment and management career advisory services. The creator of Forums, a solution which organises meetings with 40-60 pre-selected and targeted candidates in one day, Norma Conseil HR also handles all aspects of recruitment outsourcing.
It is organised by industry sector separating out the HR and Sales & Marketing functions, ensuring that you get as proactive a service as possible, and one which deals with over 1000 recruitment appointments each year.
Norma Conseil HR is run by consultants who combine business and consultancy experience, its multi-skilled team can respond to all your requirements in Training, Consultancy, Interim Management, Staff Assessment, Outplacement, Corporate Communications, Events Management and HR.
Thursday 25 November 2010

Après avoir créé le concept du recrutement de candidats par téléphone en 2...

Monday 03 May 2010

Au regard du développement fort dans les ressources

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